List of items available for purchase, with the description and price of each item. Usually, a bind-in order form is included with the catalog. Toll-free telephone numbers are frequently given for ease of phone-in orders. Catalogs are normally mailed Third class.

There are many types of catalogs. Some industries are dominated by catalogs-for example, more than 50% of gardening-supply sales are made through catalogs. Catalogs are also widely used for industrial and office supplies, such as computer accessories, stationery, and educational services. Some industrial catalogs are intended for use by sales representatives and contain a complete listing of all products sold by that company. This type of catalog does not have strong promotional copy or design relative to consumer catalogs. Some catalog houses go to great lengths to attractively present their goods, using elaborate photographic techniques and settings.
Retailers such as department stores are getting into the catalog business because it enables them to reach a larger market and to sell without the overhead costs of a store. In addition, store credit cardholders are an inexpensive source of individuals to whom mailings can be sent. Some retail outlets sell exclusively from catalogs without keeping any inventory on site.

The life of a catalog varies, depending upon the seasonality of the items sold. Christmas card and seed catalogs have a shorter life than stationery or jewelry catalogs.

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